The Values of our Software Development Process

Short release cycles

Our aim is to swiftly respond to requests from our growing customer base and release updated products every week.


Our aim is to help the product owner and sales team to plan their work around a set and reliable development schedule.


We aim to enable product owners to clearly see any bottlenecks in development cycles and to resolve them as soon as possible.

Development Process Flow

Process Overview

Requirements Gathering

Client discusses about the project with the project manager and gives insights about needed functionality.

Tools, Techniques:
Workshop, E-mails, Skype calls, Jira Helpdesk, Mantis

Technical Solution

After the discussion, project manager gives detailed technical solution and rough estimate, based on client’s needs.

Tools, Techniques:
E-mails, Skype calls, Jira Helpdesk, Mantis

Development Environment

Team of developers work on their local computers. Code is shared using GIT as version control system.

Tools, Techniques:
Django, AWS, AngularJS, PostgreSQL, CodeFirst, .NET MVC, ReactJS, Azure, Entity Framework.

Code Review

Before uploading code to test environment, code is reviewed by Senior developers (grey-box testing).

Tools, Techniques:
Bitbucket for code review, Jira for functionality description

Quality Assurance

After successful code review, new version of system is transferred to testing environment where QA team tests the functionality and reports all flaws. For code transfers is used Continious Deployment technique which allows all the code to be transferred automaticaly.

Tools, Techniques:
Jira Helpdesk, Mantis, Continuous Deployment

Staging Environment

After successful system review by QA in testing enviroment, new version of system is automatically transferred to staging environment where once again all functionality is reviewed by the client and QA team.

Tools, Techniques:
Jira Helpdesk, Mantis, Continuous Deployment

Production Environment

After the final confirmation from the QA, new version of system is moved to production server.

Tools, Techniques:
Continuous Deployment

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