Project Description


Kaunas Zoo (also known as Lithuanian Zoo) is the oldest scientific zoo in Lithuania, officially opened back in 1938. Kaunas Zoo’s mission is not only to introduce people to a variety of animals from around the world, including endangered species – but also to educate them about why animals become endangered, encourage consciousness and responsibility for protecting species diversity,  evoke an emotional relationship with animals and  collaborate with other educational institutions.


Kaunas Zoo wanted to reach and appeal to a younger children audience and to introduce them to species diversity around the world. Their initial idea was to produce a colouring book with some information about each animal on the page next to their picture. These days though, a simple colouring book with printed text is no longer enough to attract and maintain a child’s attention. Even younger children now want more interactive approach – to see something new, moving and fun.


To make this colouring book more appealing to its target audience, SneakyBox created an application with AR functionality. The app is easy to use – the user simply opens it up and points their mobile device camera at the colouring book pages to see the animal in live action. They can then tap or “stroke” the animals to see different action footage. It is fun to use – not only for children, but for  adults too.

This simple application has successful reached its target audience and achieved high levels of interest, fun and engagement.


Game engine: Unity
Frameworks, libraries, SDK: Vuforia AR SDK
Languages: C#
IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio
Version control system: Git