Project Description


Boris, the self-styled “Shashlik King” is a rising star on YouTube and other social media. He likes to create amusing stories about Slavic life and prefers to keep his true identify secret.


Boris wanted people to know more about ‘Slav life’ and thought that videos on his YouTube platform were not enough to present it like real life.  He decided to create an app so his fans could learn more, interact with him, have fun with features like his true origin story, play games to earn the title of ‘Super Slav’ and qualify for the Slavonic Olympics and complete with Slavs  all around the world!


SneakyBox came to the rescue and built an app which helped Boris achieve everything he wanted.

It includes…

  •  The secret of where Boris comes from – play the app game through all its levels to learn the real story behind Shashlik King Boris.
  • An introduction, for the very first time, to Vadim.
  • Hardbass music with Anatoli and Sergei – play through levels to discover all the hidden Hardbass tracks from top artists.
  • The chance to compete in Slavonic Olympics to really see how Slav you are.
  • Lots of hidden Cheeki Breeki (it’s a catchphrase from S.T.A.L.K.E.R game, in case you didn’t know!)

Boris fans love the app and users can get a taste of the Super Slav lifestyle – it’s a fun and entertaining, and very much an escape from the run of the mill!


Game engine: Unity
Frameworks and libraries: Adventure Creator, PlayFab
Languages: C#
IDE: Visual Studio
Other tools: Git, Jenkins, HockeyApp, Spine