Project Description


The Hydros Innovation research department specializes in the development of advanced hydro-aerial technologies. It searches for solutions to reduce energy expenses in maritime transport, leisure yachting and sailing competition.


Hydros Innovation wanted to display their new yacht at a Trade Show in Monaco. Unfortunately, they were unable to take the yacht to the exhibition to show it in real-life. Hydros Innovation decided to take a creative approach and use the latest technology to give potential customers a fully immersive Virtual Reality experience of their new product.


The VR application developed for Hydros Innovation enabled the user to view different yacht designs, interact with the boat and look around its cabins – whilst sitting on a sofa in the exhibition hall. As many users of the application may be new to the VR technology and interface – and thus may not know how to interact with it – a quick, self-explanatory guide was provided to help them.

Hydros Innovation also wanted to ensure that both their representative at the show and the potential customer could view and interact with the boat at the same time. This would help Hydros show all the yacht’s features and promote it more effectively.  With the multi-user technology implemented in the VR app, both users could see each other’s avatars and know what they were doing in virtual reality, in real time.


Game Engine: Unity
Frameworks and libraries: HTC Vive VR SDK, UnityNetworking
Languages: C#
IDE: Visual Studio
Other tools: Git