The computer and video game industry has grown from focused markets to mainstream. Gamers play everywhere — during their commutes, in line for coffee, and in waiting rooms. Nonetheless, games have a potential beyond mere entertainment as gamification techniques can be applied to almost every aspect of life. Gamification has been widely used in marketing, though we believe that it’s potential in other contexts, including education and health, proves to be even more promising.

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Retail Media

Advertising has never faced a bigger challenge. Potential customers are becoming jaded, and have already seen it all. That means that the best retailers continuously have to come up with new ways to attract and retain their customers. Some of today’s most successful campaigns include immersive technology solutions, and SneakyBox can help you make the most of them.

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Poor communication between architects, engineers and customers may become a key factor in the failure of a project. With the help of the newest VR, AR and MR technologies SneakyBox can facilitate smooth communication between all parties and ensure that they share the same vision for their project.

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The energy industry and its product are vital parts of modern society. We cannot imagine our everyday lives without energy. However, the industry faces daily challenges to its efficiency. The full potential of energy is still not being used, frustrating the industry and environmentalists. Innovative IT solutions can improve this situation – SneakyBox have used them to help our clients to improve their operational efficiency and reduce business costs.

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Medicine has advanced a long way in the past few decades, improving people’s health in many, many ways. Amazing new technologies appear in our lives and on the market almost every day. That’s why it is important to talk about medical technology, and the huge potential it has to deliver more efficient patient care. Check out the solutions created by SneakyBox for this rapidly-evolving industry.

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Aviation is all about safety, precision and punctuality. Every initiative which enables companies to reach these goals more effectively can achieve billions in cost savings…from introducing the most efficient schedules to creating VR plane simulators which can help aviation students learn without disrupting real-life flight schedules.

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