Best recipes of shashlik, most impressive squatting techniques, and lots of Hardbass music — that was the daily life for SneakyBox team while working with the YouTube creator Life of Boris. The goal was to create the game which would be a gift to his fans and as closely as possible depict the unique personality and creative style of Boris. The result was a slapstick “point and click” adventure game Life of Boris: Super Slav, which was released on iOS and Android devices, and recently ported to the Nintendo Switch console.

The origins of the Slav King

The star of Boris was born quite unexpectedly when he was playing, or to be more precise, roleplaying as a cab driver in Grand Theft Auto V (you can find the video which started it all here). From then, his online personality became larger than life. He started learning common Slav languages and sharing his experiences on YouTube. The fame came slowly and gradually, so Boris did not lose his head — he stayed warm to his audience. Boris saw that doing videos was not enough for his audience, so he created a gaming channel. But even that did not satisfy the growing appetite for content. That’s how the game Super Slav was born.
Just don’t ask us for the “real” origins of the creator! Many are speculating on the internets where Boris is from and where he lives, but even we are not aware of his best-kept secret! We just know (and this is thoroughly depicted in the game) that he was hatched from the radioactive matryoshka…

Staying in (crazy) character

As SneakyBox CEO Liudas Ubarevicius tells, the most important task was to depict the authenticity of Life of Boris personality and style, despite the risks that this might offend some players, who might not be aware of the specific humour of the channel, which is mostly exaggerating and making fun of Slavic stereotypes.
There are many scenes where players might be left scratching their heads about what to do next, as the real-world logic and decisions do not work in Super Slav. For example, when you need to start the car, you must use potatoes instead of fuel and add three white stripes on the side of it. Because that’s how true “gopniks” ride their cars!

The main storyline of Life of Boris: Super Slav goes through two chapters and a couple dozen levels, with several endings to unlock in each level. Additionally, there are some minigames in the form of SlavOlympics, like eating “mayonez”, and collectible items such as balaclavas or Hardbass music (specially created by Boris together with renowned producers of this niche but popular style in Eastern Europe). All these ideas were developed jointly with Boris, with his vocal narration adding a real feeling of being inside one of his YouTube video stories.

Growing the audience together

The prospects of the initial idea were a bit risky, as, at the start of development, there were only a couple of well-received cases of video games based on YouTube channels. Nevertheless, the work with Life of Boris: Super Slav benefited both SneakyBox and the title’s star. The fears that the YouTube fans will not be interested in the game or see it as some kind of insincere marketing trick were quickly dismissed. The downloads for the mobile game version steadily increased and recently passed one million, but, more importantly, the feedback from the fans in the reviews, comments, and ratings was overwhelmingly positive. We believe that the game helped the Life of Boris channel find a new audience and grow even further.

After such an experience, we at SneakyBox wanted to find more ways to use similar ideas and possibly help other famous online personalities to expand their creative work into games. Right now, we are almost ready to launch the game, created together with a person of a completely different world and style, but who is also cherished by millions of fans. We hope to share the story about this new development chapter soon!