2D Platformer Construction Kit is a user friendly construction kit for the Defold engine. Our goal is to introduce the user to the basics of game making. With this kit the user should be able to have a playable level of a 2D platformer on their device.
The project includes the base code and art assets of a fantasy themed platformer. The user may create their own characters with the assets provided as well as pick something from a preexisting creations. The user has control of every character in game - protagonist, enemies, NPC's. All of these characters are created using the same skeleton base. Characters stats, abilities and animations are controlled via drop down menus. 
The user is able to create a full level with the art assets provided. Some of these assets (like the ground) are tile based, others (like decorations) are placed freely on the layer above. The user may also add pickable items such as HP or Mana potions, keys that open doors to ad dept to their game.
More info at Defold.
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